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It has been more than 3 years since the closure of the Glenfarg Hotel. At the time there was a huge local outcry which ultimately resulted in the formation of a Community Company which aimed to bring the hotel back under community ownership. Despite many approaches and representations to the local authority and the owners of the hotel, planning permission was granted for a change of use to flats in April 2016.

The Company continued to pursue a wide range of Initiatives to find a way of keeping the hotel but it became clear that this was not achievable and that an alternative social venue was the only realistic option.

Current Position

Following ongoing consultation within the local community and a lengthy and sometimes difficult process, the Glenfarg Community Company now has brought a realistic alternative to bring back most of what was lost through the development of a Village Inn at an alternative location on the High Street. This would be a licenced facility serving food and bar snacks in an environment similar to other village inns where the whole family would be welcomed. To get to this position where the proposals for the Village Inn are being presented to the community the Company has:

For the Village Inn to go ahead, 50% of funding will have to come from an investment offer to the community in the form of bonds.

It’s now been over 3 years since we witnessed the sad and unnecessary closure of our village Hotel. The huge local outcry resulted in many public meetings, the formation of a Committee and subsequently the Glenfarg Community Company, aimed at bringing the Hotel back to life under community ownership.

As was announced at the recent meeting, to be able to obtain sufficient finance we need to be able to open a share issue to the village under the Scottish Government's Community Benefit Society scheme. Following the agreement of those present this will now be progressed.