Glenfarg Community Company

The Village Inn Downloads

Below are links to various PDF documents that you can view and/or download.

When reviewing the various documents regarding the future plans bear in mind these will only come to pass following the conversion of the Glenfarg Community Company to a Community Benefit Society and the raising of the acquisition/building costs.

Company Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Company Meeting 2 April 2019
Minutes of the Company Meeting 25 April 2019

Data Protection

Data Protection Policy
Privacy Statement

The Business Vision

This document sets out the vision we have for the business: its offering, its strengths and weaknesses and its organisational structure.

Business Case

This documents sets out the ongoing projected profitability. Bear in mind that in the opening stages it is anticipated that many of the staffing/management functions would be covered by volunteers to enable a sound financial buffer to be built.

Suggested Typical Menu

Here we aim to show the style of food that it is intended to offer. Good quality but able to be produced out of a simple kitchen operation..

Build Costs

These are the projected likely build costs. As we would be a registered VAT operation, VAT will be able to be reclaimed.

Company Structure Conversion Resolution

This is the resolution that will need to be signed to convert the Glenfarg Community Company to a Community Benefit Society. This can only be done following the agreement of the company members which will be sought at the meeting on 25 April 2019.

Community Ownership Model Rules

This document sets out a typical constitution for a Community Benefit Society. It is prepared by the Plunkett Foundation being a charitable trust set up to help and inspire communities to take control of their challenges and overcome them together. A link to the Plunkett Foundation can be found on our "Links" page.

Community Ownership Proposal

This document sets out the proposal for the structure of the new Community Benefit Society.

Expression of Interest Form

To see if the proposed Village Inn can be achieved we need to guage the willingness of individuals in the community to provide the funds to make it happen. We ask that you fill in this form and deliver it to the Secretary, David Aird. David's details are on the form..